1. What did you study in University?

In 2009 I started my university studies with bridge construction and got my degree in road construction and geodesy winter of 2017.

2. How and when the idea of BRICO came? (was there an earlier experience with organizing this kind of event?)

The idea of BRICO came in 2015 at a local in downtown Istanbul, when we were participating with a team from TalTech in Turkey at a similar event. We came in 7th place, but the organization was quite poorly arranged so we discussed the weak spots with our teammates (Kaarel, Martin, me and Robert) and a delegation from our university (Juhan Idnurm, Betra Leesment and Ave Eessalu). After a quick discussion we decided that we could also organize this kind of event in our region and to our delight other teams we competed with in Turkey were really supportive of that idea. We did not have an experience in organizing this kind of an event, but we had a great desire and will to organize a better event than the one we participated in Turkey.

3. How long did it take for an idea to become reality?

It took roughly 13 months from Turkish local to BRICOs first competition day, but we started dealing with setting the rules and doing the paperwork in summer 2015.

4. Who was the first sponsor?

The first sponsor can probably name Kaarel, who for some time kept the corresponding chronicle, but if we have to name our first sponsor it would be TTÜ and Ehitusteaduskond. Quite a few sponsors ja fonds believed in our ventures only then, when they found out that  Ehitusteaduskond had already given us one third of the money.

5. The greatest ordeal/most intense moment of organizing the first competition?

I think that first competition tension is hard to perceive for current organizers, because we did everything for the first time and our management team consisted of four people  (beside me, Kaarel ja Martin, Martini sister Laura). Some co students helped us by being judges or they came to our social events that it would be more crowded and students won’t feel so uncomfortable, also that organizers won’t drink so much.

6. Did the first competition exceed your expectations (regarding the participants)? Why?

The first competition exceeded my expectations already because it actually happened. For a long time we doubted if the teams that had promised to come would even do that.

The first hours of BRICO are worth remembering. The team of University of Bialystok arrived at the hostel and they wished to put their bridge in our storage for safekeeping in the middle of the night. In their bus were Michal, Artur and Kamil, who were really interested in our organizing team and everything that was going to happen. I think I will never forget the reaction they had when they asked about our organizing team and me and Martin looked at each other and said „Yep, that’s us. And Kaarel as well“.

7. Why do you think BRICO is an important competition to take part in? What are BRICOS advantages amongst other similar competitions?

I would like to quote emer. Prof Siim Idnurm „… this is not some noodle competition!“

BRICO is an unique opportunity to do something close to the real thing, but at the same time in a carefree environment, where there is nothing to lose. In general entrepreneurs support such events and after a successful performance it is easier to find a job at your sponsors company.

Besides BRICO helps to create contacts with other engineering students from different universities, who you would otherwise most likely never meet. Unfortunately it is not very common for engineering students to take part in Erasmus projects, so every contact with foreign students is very welcomed.

8. Your advice for participants, how to make teamwork better and smoother?

Putting your team together, you don’t have to look at the brightest designers. Also you need people, who organize sponsors, transport etc and they are just as important as successful designers, because they make a good environment to work in.

9. What is your brightest memory of  BRICO?

The brightest memory is the first competition ending. Everything was done and diplomas were given to competitors. We took our group pictures outside and all the sudden Poles and Croats appeared to take pictures with us. That made us smile pretty hard and feel good. It showed us that we did something right, because people liked it.

10. How has BRICO benefited You so far?

BRICO has given me many great contacts abroad, fun occurrences for several consecutive springs and certainly a knowledge that good teamwork is a basis of great things.