BRICO is the biggest steel bridge building competition in Europe. The competition got its beginning in the year 2016. It was founded by Madis Järvpõld, Martin Pärnak and Kaarel Siim.

In 2016, 8 teams from 4 countries participated in BRICO. (Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Croatia)
In 2017, 14 teams from 7 countries participated in BRICO. (Poland, Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia)
In 2018, 7 teams from 5 countries participated in BRICO. (Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Australia)
In 2019, 8 teams from 3 countries participated in BRICO. (Poland, Estonia, Lithuania)

The purpose of the competition is to plan and build the most effective bridge possible within the confines of some restrictions – 5m long, 1-1.2 m wide and up to 2m tall. The bridges will be judged after four parameters – strength, speed of installation, weight and aesthetics. Victor is determined through a point system, where the team with the least points wins. The rules of BRICO are reviewed and modified each year. Prizes are awarded to the best three teams. The competition also features special prizes, the prizes provided by major sponsors also carry their insignia.

I place – 2000€
II place – 1500€
III place – 1000€
Special prizes (aesthetics, weight, speed of installation) – 3*500€.

The competition is meant for Bachelor’s and Masters students around the world.

BRICO records:
Display: 93.8 p (ktuBulls, 2019)
Lightness: 43 kg (Dimensionless, 2017)
Assembly: 10.92 min (with penalties) (Steel Eagle, 2016)
1.6 min (disqualified: deflection) (ktuBulls, 2019)
Ver+hor displacement: 1.38 mm (RTU Steelbusters, 2017)

BRICO permanent sponsors:
K-Projekt AS
Maru Ehitus AS
Kaamos Ehitus AS
AS YIT Eesti
Nordecon Betoon AS
AS TREV-2 Grupp
Mapri Eesti OÜ
Novarc Group AS
TalTech School of Engineering
TalTech Student Union