We are thoroughly thrilled to bring you the first ever BRICO 2020: ViDe – The Virtual Bridge Design Competition!

BRICO: ViDe is purely virtual – no real life problems such as lack of funding, problems with manufacturing or even global pandemic can’t stop anyone from taking part. It also gives a spectacular  opportunity to compose exotic on-the-edge designs that wouldn’t be practical to produce. Let your fantasy fly free!

Like BRICO itself, ViDe has something for both architecture and engineering students – the best bridge model and best bridge poster will be awarded! We also have a special prize for a team of newcomers.

So, all that’s left to do, is for you to find a teammate! Or you can take the journey alone!  Send the model and poster to info@brico.ee before 24.08.2020 12.00 CET and compete in a friendly atmosphere with students all over the world!

More information: brico.ee/vide

*BRICO: ViDe has no participation fee