Naano speaking to journalists.

1. Analyze the scoring system and choose categories where to focus on best performance, it will be a trade-off, e.g. more elements=longer construction time or higher mass=lower deflection. By understanding mentioned relationships, proceed to the creation of…

2. Think through design! Don’t go with just classical structure, add something new/unexpected to stand out, aesthetics play a great role, must be considered!

3. As well while in the design phase, already make sure the materials/profiles You have chosen are in stock at Your suppliers. The catalogue might not correlate to actual availability, especially with smaller and more exotic profiles.

4. Put special attention on designing connections between elements, see galleries for examples. Include a mechanical engineer in your team or at least weld a bolt or nut per connection, construction timewise this will pay off greatly.

5. Build the bridge Yourself, after ordering materials, all You need is a tiny TIG welder, angle cutter and a room/garage. If not now, You will realize the true value of such empirical Xp in the near future. Definitely inform aesthetics jury, self-making gives + points

6. Choose a colour scheme wisely, be innovative, clever colour combination is the simplest way to make your structure stand out even better.

7. Enjoy your journey and time at the competition, be cheerful and make new contacts. Be curious and discuss structures of others, learn something from everyone.

8. Competition is not over till podium, thus prepare a great aesthetics presentation, practice construction speed and focus on making a clean run. Remember, pulling others down to look better yourself is not a solution, make the most out of your own structure! Practice, practice, practice!

9. Take the most of the rest of your time in Estonia, after the competition itself, the days include various activities and additional events, mingle and establish international connections with fellow engineers.

10. After returning, spark BRICO madness in your home university, pass know-how on and share gained experience. Cultivate the potential of innovation for upcoming years representing your legacy, university and country!