BRICO – The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition

BRICO is an international student steel bridge competition taking place in Tallinn University of Technology. The event is organized by students of the university and is the largest of its kind in Europe. BRICO 2024 is a sixth of the series and will be taking place on 13.05 – 17.05.2024.

Our mission is to create an opportunity for students from all over the world to come together and compare each other’s engineering knowledge and skills in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere. We hope to contribute to diverse engineering education.

BRICO challenges its participants to model and construct a steel bridge that aspires to be as optimized as possible. During the competition week in Tallinn, the bridges will be weighed, load-tested under 1000 kg for deflection, and put together from scratch as quickly as possible. The architectural value of the bridge will be judged by a panel consisting of premier Estonian architects, University faculty, and sponsors of the competition. The fierce competition is complemented by the organized social program of field trips, sight-seeing, and events where the competitors have a chance to relax and form lasting connections with other participants.

BRICO was founded in 2016 by Kaarel Siim, Madis Järvpõld and Martin Pärnak. In 2018 BRICO was visited by Robert Shaw, the man who created the very concept student steel bridge competitions in 1987 with AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition. Read more about BRICO’s beginning from the News: interviews from the four heroes themselves.


I place – 2000€

II place – 1500€

III place – 1000€

Special awards (aesthetics, weight, speed of assembly) – 500€ each

6 ECTS for all student participants

Here are the results for the fifth BRICO to take place!

Congratulations to the teams, each bridge was unique as well as gorgeous and it is a remarkable accomplishment to design and produce a bridge in these times. Extra big compliments to PBuilders, who was the only foreign team to endure the uncertainty of pandemic restrictions and make it to the competition, all while keeping it light and hopeful.

We are very thankful and hopefully we’ll be seeing another BRICO in May 😉

For a more detailed overview of results and links to all of the photos you can go here.

Dear friends and followers of BRICO

Due to the ongoing pandemic the BRICO team has made a decision with a heavy heart to postpone the competition. 

The new dates are 01.09-03.09‼️

Until then, we wish you to stay safe and healthy and hope to see you all in five months. 

With love

We want to congratulate these 7 teams on getting through level 2 pre-evaluation and thank you for sending your applications on time.You have 3 months to keep working on your bridges and we’ll see you in May! 🥰

We want to thank all teams that sent their applications for level 1 pre-evaluation on time! We also want to congratulate these seven teams on getting through level 1 pre-evaluation and remind them that deadline for sending the application for level 2 pre-evaluation is 31.01.2021 before 21.00 CET ☀️

We are thrilled to announce that BRICO will be taking place for the 5th time and is going to
be greater than ever!

BRICO 2020 has thoroughly updated rules, which will richly reward every step taken
towards the ultimate optimization of your bridge.

Our almost-too-eager organizing team is waiting for your designs, and of course yourself!
So assemble your team and come get the monetary prizes!

Click the rules link for BRICO 2020 rules and regulations. If you have any questions, don’t
hesitate to contact us via Also check out our facebook and instagram so
you wouldn’t miss out on any information.

To make things easier for you, all the basic information about next year’s competition can
be found here and downloaded here .

Rules and regulations can be found and downloaded here.

Best of luck!

P.S. All participants of the final competition shall receive a certificate with 6 ECTS credits
from Tallinn University of Technology.

The much anticipated video of BRICO 2019 is here!

Video by Marko Habicht

BRICO team regrets to announce that due to a mistake in the horizontal deflection points formula the final placement of the teams has changed. Parable Team (POL) has fallen to the third place and Team Lovers (EST) has taken the second place. The final placement of the other teams remains the same. You can find the corrected results HERE. Instead of 0.208 a value of 0.04 (coefficient in the lightness cost formula) was mistakenly used when calculating cost of horizontal displacement.

BRICO team apologizes for the situation to all the competitors and supporters. It has been a harsh lesson for us but we’ve already drafted a solution so something like that would never happen again in the coming competitions. The teams have been contacted and the situation with the prize money will be solved in a fair way.

The results of BRICO 2019 steel bridge competition can be found here:




1st place – Steel Spiders from Bialystok University of Technology (POL)

2nd place – Team Lovers from TalTech (EST)

3rd place – Parable Team from the Bialystok University of Technology (POL)



“TREV-2 Grupp AS” display award – ktuBulls from Kaunas University of Technology (LIT)

“Maru Ehitus AS” structural efficiency award – Steel Spiders from Bialystok University of Technology (POL)

“Mapri Ehitus OÜ“ construction economy award – Team Lovers from TalTech (EST)

“Fractory“ innovation award – ktuBulls from Kaunas University of Technology (LIT)



Team Steel Spiders – 1st place and “Maru Ehitus AS” structural efficiency award

Marta Dzierżanowska, Mariusz Sakowski, Marlena Dobosz, Adrian Sołowianiuk



Team Lovers – 2nd place and “Mapri Ehitus OÜ“ construction economy award

Henri Palm, Paul Nael, Anni Evard, Jürgen Tammepärg



Parable Team – 3rd place

Piotr Wysock, Jakub Skoczeń, Maciej Siemionko, Dariusz Romaniuk



Team ktuBulls – “Fractory“ innovation award and “TREV-2 Grupp AS” display award

Justinas Šimkus, Laurynas Melieška, Patrikas Tatariūnas, Mantas Leipus

BRICO kutsub aktiivseid inseneeriahuvilisi gümnasiste saama osa võistlusnädala programmist, varjutades korraldustiimi!
Kui on huvi tulla TalTechi inseneeriat õppima, on Teie võimalus veenduda, et tõepoolest on tegu Eesti parima ülikooliga!
Majutus ja toit võistluse jooksul korraldajate poolt garanteeritud.
Huvi või küsimuste korral kirjutage, täpsem info SIIN!

BRICO team is joyed and proud to announce another year of qualifiers for the final competition, taking place in sunny (hopefully) Tallinn from 13th to 17th of May! We really do feel that the level of finesse displayed in design this year is on a whole other level!

Best wishes to all the teams and we hope for an exciting journey to BRICO 2019!

BRICO 2019 organizing team gives their sincere thanks to all the teams that sent their applications for the level 1 pre-evaluation on time!

As there were fewer applications than available spots, we have decided to extend the deadline for new applications till 28th of January 21:00 CET. Up to 5 new applying teams will be accepted to the finals, granted they send all the files necessary for level 1 and level 2 pre-evaluations and their design complies with the rules of the competition.

We’re happy to announce that all the teams that have already sent their level 1 pre-evaluation applications on time and who will provide the necessary files for the level 2 pre-evaluation by 28th of january 21:00 CET, will have automatically qualified for the final competition at Tallinn!


Due to some questions regarding the allowable width of the deck and the bottom figure on page 6 which was a bit confusing we made an update to the rules file. The width limit is set only on the distance between centers of leg plates. Also some grammar errors were fixed.

We are happy to announce that the time for BRICO 2019 to take off has arrived!

BRICO is returning for the 4th year, offering new and updated rules to allow for a stronger international competition than ever before! So assemble your team for a chance to win considerably monetary prizes and the eternal glory!

Click the rules link for BRICO 2019 rules and regulations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via Also check out our facebook and instagram so you wouldn’t miss out on any information.

To make things easier for you, all the basic information about next year’s competiton can be found here and downloaded here.

Rules and regulations can be found and downloaded here.

Good luck!

P.S. As always, all participants of the final competition shall receive a certificate with 6 ECTS credits from Tallinn University of Technology.

Results of BRICO 2018 steel bridge competition can be found and downloaded here.


With great joy, we are introducing one of our outstanding sponsors, who placed first in the 2016’s ranking of Estonian construction companies. Among other interesting projects, they were also the head contractors of the Baltic Station Market, which was titled as the best development project for the competition of entrepreneurship awards last year.
They are a construction company with nearly 20 years of experience, providing project-based general construction services, agricultural construction services as well as services in concrete works across Estonia. From straightforward projects to intricate technical designs, their mission is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation and to carry out enduring building concepts in Estonia.
Since 2014, they have also been working through a Latvian subsidiary in the Latvian market. While having successfully completed a number of projects in foreign countries, with a moto – “The key to our success is consistent goal-focused work!” they continue to strive to learn and adapt to the specifics and circumstances of new markets.
Their contribution to society, be it small or large, aims at creating opportunities and supporting worthy people and events. “Be an inspiration and a role model to increase awareness and consideration of each other!”
For further information:


Suure rõõmuga tutvustame täna ühte meie toredatest sponsoritest, kes 2016 aasta Eesti ehitusettevõtete edetabelis võiduka esikoha nabisid. Teiste huvitavate projektide seas tegelesid eelmisel aastal ka ettevõtlusauhindade konkursi parima arendusprojekti tiitliga pärjatud Balti jaama turu peatöövõtuga.
Mapri Ehitus on pea 20-aastase kogemusega ehitusvaldkonnas tegutsev ettevõte. Peamiselt osutatakse projektipõhist peatöövõttu, ollakse seotud põllumajandusehitusega ja lisaks teostatakse betoonitöid üle Eesti. Alates lihtsamakoelistest kuni tehniliselt keerukate projektideni on nende eesmärk luua Eestimaa pinnal kestvaid kontseptsioone.
2014. a alates tegutsetakse tütarettevõtte kaudu ka Läti turul. Nii mõnigi välismaal paiknev objekt on eduka teostuse juba leidnud, aga motoga – “Pidev sihipärane töö on meie edukuse võti.” on eesmärgiks õppida juurde veelgi enam ja kohaneda uute turgude omapära ja nüanssidega.
Nende panus ühiskonda, läbi suuremate ning väiksemate projektide, on tehtud eesmärgil luua võimalusi ja toetada tublisid inimesi ja ettevõtmisi meie ümber. “Inspireeri ja ole eeskujuks, seeläbi kasvatad teadlikkust ja hoolivust üksteiste vastu!”


TREV-2 Grupp is a group that is focused on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure objects, structures and civil engineering works, offering reliable, sustainable and smart solutions. They wish to improve the quality of life and safety of people by building and maintaining infrastructure.

Companys history and experience as well as being on the forefront of technical developmen date back to the 1960s. They contribute to research and development activities and cooperate with Mektory, the Innovation and Business Centre of the Tallinn University of Technology. As a big company, they recognise their importance when it comes to the social sphere and therefore participate in the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia while constantly paing attention to theit ecological footprint.

Their suistanability moto is, “We help improve life by implementing methods in order to ensure that future generations would have the resources and motivation to do the same!” See more:


TREV-2 Grupp on taristuobjektide ja rajatiste ehitamisele ja hooldamisele keskendunud ettevõte, eesmärigiga pakkuda kestvaid, säästlikke ja nutikaid lahendusi – tõsta inimeste elukvaliteeti ja turvalisust, ehitades ja hooldades insener-tehnilisi rajatisi.

Ettevõte ajalugu ja kogemus arendustöö eesliinil ulatub 1960ndatesse aastatesse, seda ambitsioonikat joont jätkatakse tänagi, panustades uurimis- ja arendustegevusse ja tehes koostööd Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli innovatsiooni- ja ettevõtluskeskusega Mektory. Silmas peetakse ka oma jalajälje suurust keskkonnas ning suure ettevõttena tajutakse oma kaalukust ka sotsiaalses plaanis ja näiteks osaleb ettevõte Vastutustundliku Ettevõtluse Foorumis.

Nende jätkusuutlikuse moto on: “ Viime elu edasi, aga teeme seda nii, et ka tulevastel põlvkondadel oleks ressursse ja tahtmist sama teha!”
Vaata veel:



Maru Ehitus (translated Maru construction) is a well-established company with extensive experience in general contracting, project management and design services. They are a trusted brand with portfolio spanning Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia.

As a part of Maru AS companies, they have the capacity to utilize the experience of their associated companies that focus on areas such as steel structures or concrete. That synergy enables them to offer the highest quality and the most complete service possible.

Maru Ehitus has believed in and supported BRICO from the very beginning, for that we are truly honored.

Following is a short interview with the Chief Constructor of Maru Ehitus AS Tamber Vähi.

  1.    You are supporting BRICO for the third year in a row. Among the students, MARU has become a much more well-known name thanks to that. Have you noticed that trend among young job-seekers and interns as well?

We haven’t really asked from our new interns if they had gotten their information due to BRICO. MARU has had a great reputation among students for years because we have continuously offered internships, and many of the former interns have found their calling and stayed with us as an engineer.

  1.    Has BRICO become a well-known name among the employees of MARU concern?

Yes, if we’re talking about the designers and the management-level.

  1.    The competition in the construction sector is fierce. There are many other large companies in the market. What do you think makes MARU special and gives it an edge?

One of the strengths of Maru Ehitus AS is that we have the strongest steel structure design team in Estonia, that has represented the company in many projects home and abroad. Besides that, our company is one of the market leaders in building information and modeling solutions.

  1.    What are the most interesting projects in the near-term that MARU is working on?

In Estonia: Eesti Traat AS production building, Chemi-pharm AS production and office building, Hotel and Office Building at Roseni 9 and 11 and the work at BLRT.

Abroad:Temporary Offices for Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant (Finland), Altamira 2x165MW Boiler Buildings (Mexico), Logistics Terminal in Borlänge (Sweden).

You can find more information at

  1.    How do you think it would be possible to improve co-operation between students and the industry regarding competitions like BRICO?

With better information flow with a chance for the companies to be better included in the process and advertised as well. Industry could offer specialized internship programmes.

  1.    How do you think BRICO should develop in the future?

I think that the general direction is right and interesting. What probably would make the competition more interesting, would be a chance for companies to offer special prizes for criteria selected by the company (For example the best use of BIM in the project).


Maru Ehitus on pika traditsiooniga ettevõte, fookusega peatöövõtu teenuse osutamisel ja üldehituse projektijuhtimisega. Koostöös Maru AS kontserni kuuluvate sidusettevõtetega, pakub Maru Ehitus läbimõeldud lahendust ja kindlustatud kvaliteeti kõrgelt kvalifitseeritud personali käe all kõigis ehitusprojekti etappides.

Seejuures on Maru Ehitus AS on olnud BRICO kõige pikemajalisem toetaja, juba kolmandat aastat panevad nad välja eriauhinna kõige efektiivsemalt monteeritavale sillale. Suuresti on just selle ettevõtte poolne usk BRICO-sse põhjus, miks see edukalt juba kolmandat aastat toimub.

All on leitav lühike intervjuu MARU Ehituse peakonstruktor Tambet Vähiga. Eelmisel aastal sai küsitud

  1.    Toetate BRICO-t 3. aastat. Tudengite seas on selliste projektide toetamise tõttu Maru nimi saanud tuttavamaks, kuid on seda trendi ka märgata noorte praktika- ja tööotsijate hulgas?

Meie ettevõte ei ole otseselt uute praktikantide käest uurinud kas infot saadi ka BRICO abil kuid MARU maine on tudengite seas olnud hea aastaid, kuna oleme pakkunud pidevalt praktika võimalusi ja päris mitmed on jäänud meile ka tööle ja leidnud kutsumuse insenerina.

  1. Kas ettevõtte siseselt on nende kolme aasta jooksul BRICO saanud üldtuntud nimeks?

Jah, kui rääkida projekteerijatest või juhtkonna tasemel, siis teatakse millega on tegemist.

  1. Ehitusturul on konkurents tihe. Sarnaselt Maruga tegutseb teisi suuri kontserne. Mis just igapäevases töös (nö. platsil) Maru eriliseks teeb?

Maru Ehitus AS üheks tugevuseks ja omapäraks on kindlasti Eesti tugevaim ehituslike teraskonstruktsioonide projekteerimise meeskond kes on esindanud ettevõtet ka mitmetes suurtes kodumaistesja välismaistes projekteerimistöödes. Samuti on meie ettevõte üks turuliidreid BIM projekteerimise ja infohalduse vahendite juurutamises

  1. Mis on Maru põnevamad lähiaja projektid, millel ehitushuvilised võiks silma peal hoida (nii Eestis kui väljas)?

Eestis – Eesti Traat OÜ tootmishoone; Chemi-Pharm AS tootmis- ja büroohoone; Terastiim OÜ tootmishoone; Roseni tn.9 ja 11 Hotell-korterelamu ja büroohoone; BLRT Staapeltsehh ja puhastuskamber.

Välismaal – Borlänge logistikaterminal (Borlänge, Rootsi); Hanhikivi-1 tuumajaama ajutised kontorid, meditsiinipunkt ja sööklahoone (Soome, Pyhäjoki); Boilerihoonete terastarindite tööprojekt (Altamira, Mehhiko).

Täiendavat infot lõpetatud ja töös olevate projektide kohta saab MARU kodulehelt

  1. Kuidas Teie arvates tudengite ning ettevõtjate koostööd sarnaste ettevõtmiste vallas võiks veel parandada?

Parema infovahetusega tudengite üritustest, milles ettevõtted saaks olla kaasatud ja samas saada võimaluse end reklaamida. Ettevõtete poolt pakkuda võimalusel spetsiaalse suunitlusega praktikaprogramme.

  1. Millise suuna võiks BRICO Teie meelest tulevikus võtta?

Üldine suund on õige ja huvitav. Ilmselt teeks ürituse veelgi paremaks kui toetavad ettevõtted saaks välja pakkuda eriauhindu ettevõtte poolt esitatud (ettevõtte tegevusega seotud) kriteeriumitele (näiteks BIM kaasatus projektis vms).

BRICO 2018 has an exiting visitor – a true steel bridge competition organising veteran, a remarkable engineer, successful businessman and a former employee of American Institute of Steel Constructions (AISC) Robert E. Shaw, who will be giving an open lecture to students and professors about the history of student bridge competitions and how the first ones started in the States in late 1980s.

Robert E. Shaw


Take a friend with you and spend Wednesday in the exciting world of steel bridges!

– 10:00 until 11:30 Opening ceremony at TUT Student House
– 14:00 until 15:30 Bridges will be erected for public viewing and will be evaluated for display at university courtyard
– 16:30 until 18:00 Lecture by Robert E. Shaw at NRG-226

BRICO 2018 organizing team gives their sincere thanks to all the teams that sent their applications for the level 1 pre-evaluation on time!

As there were fewer applications than available spots, we have decided to extend the deadline for new applications till 29th of january 21:00 CET. Up to 5 new applying teams will be accepted to the finals, granted they send all the files necessary for level 1 and level 2 pre-evaluations and their design complies with the rules of the competition.

We’re happy to announce that all the teams that have already sent their level 1 pre-evaluation applications on time and who will provide the necessary files for the level 2 pre-evaluation by 29th of january 21:00 CET, will have automatically qualified for the final competition at Tallinn!


Hello there!


We are very glad to see that you are interested in BRICO 2018!

To make things easier for you, all the basic information about next year’s competiton can be found here.

Rules and regulations can be found and downloaded here.

Good luck!

We have updated the list of links with media coverage of BRICO 2017 steel bridge competition. You can find them under “Media & feedback.

The results of BRICO 2017 steel bridge competition can be found and downloaded here:






BRICO team is glad to inform that we have found ourselves such an excellent partner as it is Maru Ehitus. Maru Ehitus supports us for the second time already, which has given us a lot of encouragement to continue our competition.

Maru Ehitus’ expertise includes general contracting, project management and design services. They have long-term experience in design and construction of different types of buildings and structures throughout Estonia and Europe.

Furthermore, when required, they have the capacity to utilize the long-term experience of their associated company Maru Metall, one of the leading steel structure producers in Estonia. Over the past two decades, they have acquired a great deal of experience in the design of steel, concrete and masonry structures

Maru Ehitus has built remarkable constructions in Estonia as well as elsewhere in Europe. One of many examples would be energy complex compound storage concrete bridge with a length of 27 m, a width of 14 m and a load capacity of 170 tons in Auvere, and their subsidiary Maru Betoonitööd OÜ was the main contractor for concrete constructions of Rummu tee pedestrian tunnel in 2015. This year construction works of REDI Center car tunnel in Helsinki Kalasatama have ended. Maru Metall AS has participated in the production of steel bridge elements in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Chile, with a total volume of nearly 900 tons.

As Maru Ehitus has been continuing to support us, we could not hold back our curiosity and asked them why they have chosen BRICO and got a response with surprising similarities between us.

1. What is the reason you decided to support BRICO event in the first place and why did choose to support us again this year?

BRICO is a great opportunity for us to promote the use of steel structures in buildings, to raise awareness among young engineers about Maru Ehitus as the steelwork engineering, production and installation market leader and to contribute to supporting the creativity of young engineers.

2. What are the shortcomings of young engineers in metal structures knowledge and skills?

Knowledge and skills in conjunction will come only with theory and practice. Young engineers have the knowledge to develop skills. Therefore, BRICO is a great mixture of effectuating theoretical knowledge and the ability to gather skills in reality.



Hea on tõdeda, et oleme leidnud omale niisuguse suurepärase koostööpartneri, kes soovib meid jätkuvalt toetada. Nii head ettevõtet juba igalt poolt ei leia.

Maru Ehitus AS on juhtiv tööstus- ja ärihoonete ning rajatiste projekteerimise ja ehitamisega tegelev ettevõte. Maru Ehitus projekteerib ning ehitab peamiselt Eestisse, Soome ja Rootsi. Koostöös sidusettevõttega Maru Metall AS, kes on Eesti juhtiv teraskonstruktsioonide tootja, omavad nad pikaajalist kogemust just teraskonstruktsioonide projekteerimisel, tootmisel ja montaažitöödel. Lisaks teostavad nad oma jõududega ka raudbetoonelementide paigalduse, raketise-, armatuuri- ja betoneerimistöid.

Maru Ehitus on ehitanud märkimisväärseid ehitisi nii Eesti kui ka mujal. Üks näide paljudest oleks energiakompleksi ühendlao betoonsild pikkusega 27 m, laiusega 14 m ja kandevõimega 170 tonni Auveres Ida-Virumaal ning tütarettevõte Maru Betoonitööd OÜ on 2015. aastal teostanud Rummu tee jalakäijate tunneli betoonitööd. Käesoleval aastal lõpetasid Soomes Helsingis Kalasatama REDI keskuse autotunneli 1 ehitustööd ning hoonetevaheliste galeriide terassildade tootmise ja paigaldustööd. Maru Metall AS on osalenud terassilla elementide tootmises nii Soomes, Rootsis, Norras kui ka Tšiilis, elementide kogumahuga ligi 900 tonni.

Kuna Maru Ehitus on meid jätkuvalt toetanud, siis ei suutnud me oma uudishimu tagasi hoida ning küsisime neilt, miks nad on valinud just BRICO ja saime vastuseks üllatavad sarnasused meie vahel.

1. Mis põhjusel otsustasite esimesel aastal BRICO üritust sponsoreerida ja mille pärast otsustasite selle kasuks ka teisel aastal?

BRICO on meie jaoks suurepärane võimalus propageerida teraskonstruktsioonide kasutust ehitiste rajamisel, tõsta noorte inseneride teadlikkust Maru Ehitusest kui teraskonstruktsioonide projekteerimise, tootmise ja paigalduse turuliidrist ning anda oma panus noorte inseneride loovuse toetamiseks.

2. Millised on vajakajäämised noorte inseneride metallkonstruktsioonide teadmistes ja oskustes?

Teadmised ja oskused saavad tulla vaid teooria ja praktika koosmõjus. Noortel inseneridel on olemas teadmised, et oskusi arendada. BRICO ongi hea kooslus teoreetiliste teadmiste rakendamisest reaalsuses, ehk oskuste kogumises.




Happy New Year from the Brico family!
It’s less than two weeks until we close the applications for BRICO 2017 steel bridge competition on January 16th – only 12 days left, to be precise. Hurry up and send us your bridge drawings to get an opportunity to participate in one of the most amazing student competitions in Estonia, full of unforgettable memories and many new friends from all over the world.

Christmas greetings from the BRICO family!

We are happy to see BRICO 2016 as one of the biggest achievements this year in Tallinn University of Technology.

Take a look at the other achievements here.

BRICO is now giving out ECTS credit for participants! More detailed information coming soon! Stay tuned!

In October’s issue of TUT student magazine Studioosus an article can be found about this year’s competition BRICO 2016. The article can be found on pages 10-13 of Studioosus.


Find the new and updated rules and regulations for the upcoming competition at


Over the summer, some articles about BRICO have been published. Take a look into TeeLeht and Inseneeria and find out more about the competition.



Links to media coverage of BRICO 2016 added under “Media & feedback“.

The results of BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition can be found and downloaded here:


Giving the final touch to the working sites


We have updated some drawings in the rules and regulations of BRICO 2016. You can find and download it here.

Someone is already set for the competition. Whose bridge is it?!?


Random location of the off center loading will be determined during the Opening Ceremony using random number generator on website (the randomness behind the numbers comes from atmospheric noise).


Less than 2 weeks left until the BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition starts! Here is a sneak peek of how we are getting prepared.


The steel frame, where the bridges legs will be fixed to, was tested with an actual arc bridge model with the competition load (horizontal reaction at each leg was approximately 4 kN) and we can assure that displacement in x direction is less than 2 mm (see “Rules and regulations” 3.3).



Photos by Kadi-Liis Koppel, Maret Põldveer-Turay, Allan Alajaan, Kirsti Eerik, Marko Leppik, Maili Saia, Mari Kadanik and Ain Avik / Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

Deflections are measured in two locations: at mid-span and a random location between 800 mm to 1700 mm from midpoint of the span. Extra steel bars (without any loading) are going to be placed at both locations and vertical deflection is going to be measured using digital devices at the centre of those bars. To calculate the cost of vertical displacement, we will be using the reading from one of the measuring devices which has the biggest absolute value.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please note that the bridge’s legs will not be fixed during the timed construction. The bridge will be fixed to a special steel frame only for the horizontal and vertical load tests. So, while you divide your bridge into construction elements, we recommend that you check that the bridge’s legs will be stable and able to stand up without falling over.

Pre-evaluation results

Applications for the BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition are now closed. The results of pre-evaluation will be published on the website on Monday 8th of February. Good luck!

We heard that there might be some problems with registration as some of the files required might be too big for our mail server to handle. If this error occurs while uploading, you can send your information and files directly to our email Services like WeTransfer ( or File Convoy ( might also come in handy.

Appendix 1 can be found here:

Only six days left until the end of registration for BRICO 2016 steel bridge competition! The deadline for application is on Monday February the 1st.

Registration is available here:

As we heard that not everyone is familiar with the .ifc file, we have decided to add some more acceptable file formats besides that:
.rtd (Autocad Robot Structural Analysis)
.std (
.sdb (SAP2000)

To see more questions (and answers) or ask your own, feel free to visit “Forum” under

Happy New Year from the BRICO 2016 team!
Only one month left until the deadline for sending the application together with the required drawings and the IFC file!

In addition to .ifc model and drawings of your bridge we ask you to send a Certificate of Student Status for each team member when registering for BRICO 2016. You can probably ask one from your university.
Registration available at until February 1st 2016.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on under “Forum” or by email

We have added a BRICO 2016 pre-registration form to our website. Pre-registration is not compulsory for Your team, but it helps us to get a better overview of roughly how many teams are planning to participate in BRICO 2016 and by that we can be sure that we have taken every single participant into account during the organizing process. Pre-registration will also not entail any obligations, if You decide not to participate for some reasons, just let us know by sending an email to

Pre-registration can be found at

BRICO 2016 team wishes you all good luck designing the world’s greatest steel bridge!

Internationally successful university

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), the only technological university in Estonia, is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. Here the synergy between different fields (technological, natural, exact, social and health sciences) is created and new ideas are born.

Excellence in research and innovation
TUT is a research university where discoveries are transferred into teaching and studies and real life through knowledge. TUT has cooperation projects with the top 10 universities (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.), scientists and companies (e.g. Microsoft, Google, IBM, ABB, etc.) of the world. TUT also has a representative office in Silicon Valley, USA.

Inspiring environment
TUT offers its students exciting student and cultural life and the best accommodation and sporting opportunities in the entire Northern Europe. The TUT campus is also a home to the Estonian Information Technology College and 150 high-tech companies (e.g. Skype).

The engine of the Baltic Sea region economy
The mission of TUT is to advance the economy and industry of Estonia and the Baltic Sea region through top graduates, implementation of scientific achievements, knowledge services, innovation and cooperation projects.

TUT – a campus university
With its scenic location in Mustamäe, TUT is the only campus-type university in the Baltic countries and one of the most compact university campuses in Europe. The territory of TUT includes 72 buildings and has a total area of 55.5 hectares.
There is always something exciting happening at TUT – scientific discoveries and experiments, new technologies and products, important lectures and conferences, etc. Campus is the scene of many communal activities, with a large number of student, cultural and sports events.