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BRICO 2016 team

Hello Filip!

1. Your supervisor/s can be an assistant, professor, student etc. It is not regulated in the rules. By supervisor we mean someone who is guiding you and giving you advice throughout the design and construction process. Supervisor is not a member of team but if you qualify to the final competition he/she is also welcome in Tallinn. It is your choice whether you like to take your supervisor with you. In this case you should inform us. There will be a detailed information package for qualified teams about accommodation, schedule of competition, additional information we want from you etc.

2. If you are modelling your bridge in a structural analysis software then in addition to saving model in format “native” to this software there should be a possibility to export (or save as) your model in different file formats in order to open same model in other software. IFC is just one option. We are going to add more acceptable file formats besides .ifc:

.rtd (Autocad Robot Structural Analysis)
.std (
.sdb (SAP2000)

3. I think you meant 5.2 – Files and drawings to be sent with the application. Yes, just general drawings listed in rules.

Drawings (dwg and pdf):
a. Front view with dimensions
b. Top view with dimensions
c. Side view with dimensions (view along the axis of the bridge)

You don’t have to provide workshop drawings (division into parts, node details, welds, bolts etc.) for pre-evaluation. However it should be possible to understand from drawings what kind of profiles are used for each element!