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    Dawid Brzezowski


    Before sending to you project I have a few questions about deck of the bridge and measuring the deflection:

    1. Will small changes to the profiles of bars and gusset plates or design of nodes, after consulting with promoter of competition, have an impact on final score?

    2. Does the deflection machine has to be fastened to node? Can it be fastened to the bar if at the measuring point there isn’t any node?

    3. Does the global deflection of whole construction count, or local maximum deflection of single component?

    4. Does the deck of the bridge has to be five meters in length or five meters dimension concerns only construction in the axis of supports?

    5. Will it be enough if we build the deck which ensures suport only for load (1700mm – in the both sides from the mid of construction, deck will be shorter than five meters)?

    BRICO 2016 team

    Hey Dawid!

    1. “Small changes” of profile (e.g. using 40×1.5 instead of 40×2 tube profile or vice versa or using section with a bit bigger/smaller diameter) are allowed and there will be no penalty. But we have to consider each request separately and it is hard to give very specific rules. Exact design of nodes or gusset plates is not compulsory for pre-evaluation so there will be no penalty for this either.

    2. Devices for measuring the deflection don’t have to be fastened to the bar or node.

    3. Global deflection counts. After we have received all the drawings from teams we are going to decide what is the best and most objective way for measuring deflection. Probably an extra steel bar (without any loading) is going to be placed on deck as near to the mid span as possible and the deflection is going to be measured at the centre of this bar which almost coincides with the centre of the deck.

    4. The deck has to be 5 m long.

    5. The deck has to be 5 m long.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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